The final word on abs…Forget the gadgets and videos:3-Minute Abs  is a revolutionary program based on key training principles used by bodybuilders and professional atheletes. it is designed for people who don't have a lot of time to achieve the firm, sexy abs they want.How is it done?Alternatively working only one of the three abdominal areas(lower abs, obliques, upper abs) for 3 minutes a day. While the other two areas rest and recoup, growing astronger. With 3-minute workouts, focus and intensity come easily, leading to maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Stretching routines and nutrition tips help enhance results.No equipment, no nonsense, no excuses. So break out the bikini or go shirtless at the beach. Fully illustrated, with easy-to-follow instructions, 3-Minute Abs  has everything you need for a midriff you'll be proud of.

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