Babies’ skin is more vulnerable to sunburn, so special care must be taken to ensure that it’s well protected from the sun i play swimwear and sun protection clothing is made from specially treated fabric with uv protection factor of 50+ swim diapers are no longer just a matter of preventing embarrassing accidents – they have become an important public health issue 27 states now require or encourage the use of approved swim diapers waterproof with snug-fitting legs and waist for diaper-aged children swimming in public pools i play, inc is the original swim diaper manufacturer with over 15 years of experience making, testing and improving our swim diaper the i play patented ultimate swim diaper has three layers a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, an extra absorbent layer to absorb wetness and a wickaway lining to keep moisture from baby’s skin we use materials that are naturally absorbent without superabsorbent gels or harsh chemicals to keep your baby clean and happy

Product Features

  • Stretchy rashguard has short sleeves and shirred ties on sides
  • Ultimate swim diaper has matching ties
  • Nylon, lycra with polyester lining
  • Built-in ultimate swim diaper: waterproof outer layer, super absorbent inner layer and wick-away lining next to baby’s skin
  • I play swimwear is made from specially treated fabric with a uv protection factor of 50+